Reason for Death According to First Procedure Type

ProcedureAgeGenderReason 1 for Neurologic ImpairmentReason 2 for Neurologic ImpairmentReason 3 for Neurologic ImpairmentReason 4 for Neurologic ImpairmentReason for Death
Fundoplication3 moFemaleMyopathyFound in full cardiac arrest at home
Fundoplication4 moMaleChromosomalObstructive respiratory tract
Fundoplication5 moFemaleChromosomalNissen + gastrostomy tube; 4 d later some feeds and respiratory distress noted; hypotonic airway vs underlying reason for neurologic impairment; acute respiratory failure
Fundoplication5 moMaleCerebral palsyTracheostomy out of stoma
Fundoplication7 moMaleSMAPresented with respiratory failure
Fundoplication9 moFemaleHydrocephalusBrain tonsillar herniation
Fundoplication10 moMaleSeizuresFungemia
Fundoplication10 moFemaleChromosomalPresented with fever, diarrhea, and respiratory failure
Fundoplication1 yMaleChromosomalPneumonia secondary to parainfluenza virus
Fundoplication1 yMaleBrain anomalySeizuresPresented with respiratory distress; possible aspiration pneumonia; developed respiratory failure
Fundoplication2 yFemaleCerebral palsySeizuresAnoxic brain injuryMultisystem organ failure and abdominal compartment syndrome
Fundoplication2 yMaleChromosomalHydrocephalusRespiratory failure secondary to Dilantin toxicity
Fundoplication2 yFemaleCerebral degenerationSepsis with abdominal involvement
Fundoplication3 yFemaleCerebral palsyMicrocephalyMental retardationHydrocephalusPneumonia secondary to MRSA and pseudomonas
Fundoplication3 yFemaleSeizuresPresented with shock and status epilepticus; developed multisystem organ failure.
Fundoplication3 yMaleMyopathyTracheostomy disconnected from ventilator
Fundoplication4 yMaleChromosomalPneumonia (chest radiograph showed white-out of 1 lung)
Fundoplication5 yFemaleChromosomalSeizuresStatus epilepticus with anoxic brain injury
Fundoplication6 yMaleSeizuresNissen + gastrostomy tube; 5 d later developed seizures, hypotension, and cardiorespiratory arrest
Fundoplication7 yMaleCerebral palsySeizuresStatus epilepticus with anoxic brain injury
Fundoplication7 yFemaleSeizuresSevere aortic valve insufficiency; died in operating room while aortic valve was being fixed
GJT3 yMaleCerebral palsyJejunal perforation from GJT tube (placed 6 mo before)
GJT3 yMaleCerebral palsyPresented with fever, increased work of breathing, and respiratory arrest; unclear cause of death; chest radiograph did not show pneumonia
GJT4 yMaleBrain anomalySeizuresNecrotic bowel from mesenteric defect and strangulation
GJT6 yFemaleCerebral palsySeizuresFungemia
  • A total of 30 of 49 deaths occurred in hospital. Twenty-five patients had a death note available. MRSA indicates methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus; SMA, spinal muscular atrophy.