Motivators to Attending WCVs Identified by Father

Motivators*N (%)
Personal104 (100)
 I am interested in my child’s health care102 (98)
 I want to be involved in my child’s life102 (98)
 It is my responsibility to attend the well-child visit99 (95)
 I want more information about my child’s development97 (93)
Family79 (76)
 My family members want me to be involved in my child’s life42 (40)
 The family of my child’s mother want me to be involved36 (35)
 There was no other relative to take my child to the well-child visit26 (25)
 The child’s mother was working55 (53)
Work62 (60)
 My boss is supportive50 (48)
 I have vacation or sick time that I can use47 (45)
 My job has flexible hours45 (43)
Office Practice60 (58)
 I feel respected by staff55 (53)
 I do not have to wait very long at the doctor’s office27 (26)
 The office gives away free stuff for kids’ activities, eg, baseball tickets20 (19)
Financial55 (53)
 My child has health insurance53 (51)
 I have enough money to pay for the visit38 (37)
 My child’s doctor encouraged me to attend a well-child visit35 (34)
 I am a single parent13 (12)
  • * Categories are not mutually exclusive. Each bolded category indicates the percentage of fathers who chose at least 1 of the items in that category.