Barriers to Attending WCVs Identified by Father

Barriers*N (%)
Work47 (46)
 My boss won’t give me time off29 (28)
 I do not have flexible working hours27 (26)
 I don’t have vacation/sick time17 (16)
 I can’t afford to miss work because I need the money23 (22)
Related to the child’s mother24 (23)
 My child lives with his mother and it is more convenient for her to take him/her21 (20)
 It is the mother’s job to take the child to the doctor13 (12)
 My child’s mother doesn’t want me to be involved6
Office Practice20 (19)
 The wait is too long at the doctor’s office19 (18)
 I feel disrespected by medical staff1 (1)
Personal16 (15)
 I can’t remember appointment dates14 (13)
 I am not interested in my child’s health care0
 I don’t need info about my child’s development from the doctor0
 I don’t like hospitals or doctor’s offices7 (7)
Family13 (12)
 A relative takes my child to the doctor13 (12)
 My family discouraged me from being involved in my child’s life0
 The family of my child’s mother don’t want me to be involved4 (4)
Self-perceived competency10 (10)
 The doctor might ask me a question I don’t know the answer to8 (8)
 I am nervous about attending a visit3 (3)
 The doctor doesn’t understand my culture5 (5)
Financial3 (3)
 My child doesn’t have health insurance0
 I don’t have enough money to take my child to the well-child visit3 (3)
 My child lives in another city or state0
  • * Categories are not mutually exclusive. Each bolded category indicates the percentage of fathers who chose at least 1 of the items in that category.