Comparison of Cost-Effectiveness Results Including Different Sets of Morbidity Effects

Cost-Effectiveness Ratio*
Original analysis$110 000/Life-Year
Revised analysis including morbidity effects ($/QALY)
 Including meningitis values only$109 000/QALY
 Including meningitis and bacteremia values only$75 000/QALY
 Including meningitis, bacteremia, and pneumonia values only$23 000/QALY
 Including complex otitis media values only$4500/QALY
 Including meningitis, bacteremia, pneumonia, and otitis media values$4000/QALY
  • * All cost-effectiveness ratios have been calculated using a 3% annual discount rate.

  • Using median undiscounted time trade-off amounts for the parent sample from Table 2.

  • Median time trade-off amount for simple otitis media was 0.