Percentage of Mothers Who Indicated That Specified Reasons Were Important in Their Decision to Stop Breastfeeding, According to Infants' Age at Weaning

Reasons Cited as ImportantInfants' Age When Breastfeeding Was Completely Stopped, moAverage
Lactational factor
    My baby had trouble sucking or latching ona53.727.
    My nipples were sore, cracked, or bleedinga36.823.
    My breasts were overfull or engorgeda23.912.
    My breasts were infected or abscesseda8.
    My breasts leaked too mucha14.
    Breastfeeding was too painfula29.315.
Psychosocial factor
    Breastfeeding was too tiringa19.817.
    Breastfeeding was too inconvenienta20.422.418.612.54.215.6
    I wanted to be able to leave my baby for several hours at a timea11.
    I had too many household dutiesa12.614.
    I wanted or needed someone else to feed my babya16.423.
    Someone else wanted to feed the babya13.515.512.05.73.410.0
    I did not want to breastfeed in publica14.918.615.14.74.611.6
Nutritional factor
    Breast milk alone did not satisfy my baby49.755.649.149.543.549.5
    I thought that my baby was not gaining enough weighta23.018.311.014.18.415.0
    A health professional said my baby was not gaining enough weighta19.815.
    I had trouble getting the milk flow to starta41.423.219.614.65.720.9
    I didn't have enough milka51.752.254.043.826.045.5
Lifestyle factor
    I did not like breastfeedinga16.410.
    I wanted to go on a weight-loss diet6.67.210.310.96.58.3
    I wanted to go back to my usual diet5.
    I wanted to smoke again or more than I did while breastfeedinga6.
    I wanted my body back to myselfa8.913.216.818.815.714.7
Medical factor
    My baby became sick and could not breastfeeda9.
    I was sick or had to take medicinea14.416.314.812.58.013.2
    I was not present to feed my baby for reasons other than work3.
    I became pregnant or wanted to become pregnant againa1.
Milk-pumping factor
    I could not or did not want to pump or breastfeed at worka11.222.421.313.54.614.6
    Pumping milk no longer seemed worth the effort that it requireda16.721.223.717.711.518.2
Infant's self-weaning factor
    My baby began to bitea5.25.713.438.531.718.9
    My baby lost interest in nursing or began to wean himself or herselfa13.219.733.147.947.332.2
    My baby was old enough that the difference between breast milk and formula no longer mattereda5.211.416.526.628.217.6
  • a P < .01 for association between each reason and weaning age after adjustments for maternal age, marital status, parity, education, poverty, WIC participation, race, and region.