Prevalence of Stopping Breastfeeding Before 6 Weeks According to Additional Hospital Practices Reported (N = 1907)

Hospital PracticenBreastfed for <6 wk, %OR (95% CI)aaOR (95% CI)b
No formula sample or coupon given in hospital gift pack
    Yes30912.30.81 (0.56–1.17)0.89 (0.60–1.31)
Infant brought to room at night for feeding if not rooming inc
    Yes68713.80.48 (0.31–0.75)d0.48 (0.29–0.78)d
Type of delivery
    Cesarean51814.30.99 (0.74–1.32)0.97 (0.71–1.33)
No pain medications given
    Yes3177.60.44 (0.28–0.68)d0.56 (0.35–0.89)d
Labor support (doula)
    Yes5710.50.69 (0.30–1.63)0.97 (0.39–2.41)
  • a OR indicates odds ratio (odds of stopping breastfeeding before 6 weeks by hospital practice); CI, confidence interval; no (did not experience practice) or vaginal delivery, referent group.

  • b Adjusted odds ratio and 95% Wald confidence interval based on logistic regression; analysis controlling for child gender, maternal age, maternal race, maternal education, household income, marital status, number of previous children, number of cigarettes smoked, number of friends and relatives who breastfed, mother's prenatal intentions to work after birth, and prenatal attitudes toward breastfeeding (ie, formula as good as breast milk; if child breastfed, less likely to be obese).

  • c Total n = 823 because only asked of those mothers not rooming in with their children.

  • d The odds ratio was significant at P < .05.