Prevalence of Stopping Breastfeeding Before 6 Weeks According to Reported “Baby-Friendly” Hospital Practice (N = 1907)

“Baby-Friendly” PracticenBreastfed for <6 wk, %OR (95% CI)a
Step 4: breastfeeding initiation within 1 h
    Yes113710.90.51 (0.39–0.65)b
Step 6: only breast milk given
    Yes9828.50.35 (0.27–0.47)b
Step 7: rooming in
    Yes108213.40.83 (0.65–1.08)
Step 8: breastfeeding on demand
    Yes126512.50.65 (0.50–0.84)b
Step 9: no pacifiers given
    Yes84310.20.53 (0.40–0.70)b
Step 10: provide information on breastfeeding support
    Yes137313.60.79 (0.60–1.05)
  • a OR indicates odds ratio (odds of stopping breastfeeding before 6 weeks according to hospital practice); CI, confidence interval; no (did not experience practice; 1.00), referent group.

  • b The odds ratio was significant at P < .05.