Percentage of Infants Fed Each of 7 Categories of Liquid or Solid Food in the Previous 7 Days, According to Infant Age

In Hospital (n = 2907)Age, wk
3–6 (1 mo) (n_1961)7–10 (2 mo) (n_2240)11–14 (3 mo) (n_2302)15–18 (4 mo) (n_2101)19–23 (5 mo) (n_2139)24–28 (6 mo) (n_2046)29–35 (7½ mo) (n_1990)36–42 (9 mo) (n_1920)43–50 (10½ mo) (n_1779)51–59 (1 y) (n_1782)
Breast milk or formula100.0100.099.999.999.799.799.799.599.296.658.3
 Breast milk83.374.065.461.057.254.650.145.941.736.825.9
 Infant formula52.
Water product15.511.8
 Sugar water12.92.3
Any cereal5.411.718.340.
 Baby cereal5.411.618.239.970.883.786.283.471.446.6
 Other cereal/starches0.
Any fruit or vegetable1.73.76.716.847.080.796.098.999.099.2
 100% juice1.
Any meat or meat substitute0.
 Meat, chicken, combination0.
 Peanut/peanut butter0.
 Soy foods0.
Other milk products0.
 Cow’s milk0.
 Other milk0.
 Other dairy foods0.
Any fatty/sugared foods0.
 Sweet drinks0.
 French fries0.
  • —indicates that questions regarding the item were not included in the questionnaire.