Disposition of IFPS II Sample and Comparison Group on the DHQs

DispositionPrenatal DHQPostnatal DHQComparison DHQa
Total mailed, nb175717912070
Respondent removed from mailing list after questionnaires were mailed, n860
    Gulf Coast hurricane zip codec010
Adjusted total mailed, n174917852070
Respondent not pregnant (prenatal only), n300
Refused, n020
Not returned, n244300505
Completed and returned, n150214831565
Response rate (No. completed/adjusted total No. mailed), %85.983.175.6
  • a The comparison sample was drawn from the same consumer opinion panel as that for the IFPS II respondents; sample members were neither pregnant nor postpartum.

  • b The DHQs were sent only to a subsample of the IFPS II respondents.

  • c Sample members were excluded from the remainder of the study if they resided in zip codes to which the US Postal Service stopped delivery as a result of the 2005 Gulf Coast hurricanes.