Variables Significantly Associated With Bayley Scores by Univariate Analysis

1V Without Genetic Syndrome (n = 33)2V Without Genetic Syndrome (n = 47)
Linear age trajectory (per month)***−0.25−0.230.44**
Baseline variables
 Race or ethnicity (other than Caucasian); ref: Caucasian−3.97.0−1.6−3.1−0.6−6.4
 SES (ref: >55)
 Gender of child (female); ref: male−2.93.6−4.4−2.45.6−6.5
 Feeding at first discharge (supplemental tube feeding); ref: all by mouth−15.3**−19.0**−23.8***−5.5−13.7*−18.0**
 Premature ≤37 wk (yes); ref: no5.−4.3−5.3
 Age at first open surgery (per day)*−0.009−0.02−0.05
 CHD + other medical condition; ref: CHD only−7.7−5.2−1.5−14.0**−13.3**−11.2*
 Growth failure (yes); ref: no−8.10.19−19.2**−6.7−7.4−7.6
 Weight at birth category (<2.5 kg); ref: ≥2.5 kg−8.5−6.7−12.1−1.5−7.1−9.1
Dynamic variables
 Feeding at visit (supplemental tube feeding); ref: all by mouth−10.6**−14.8***−20.8***−11.5**−8.6*−15.4***
 Cyanotic at visit (Sao2 <90%); ref: Yes−1.91.6−2.80.74−0.27−1.1
 Total open procedures; ref: ≥2 open
  0 open10.59.818.7*12.8**10.9*14.7**
  1 open15.5**11.1*
 CPB time (per 200 min)−8.7**−6.5**−7.1**−4.4−9.0**−6.3
 Days since last hospital discharge (per 100 d)−0.06−**0.92.4**
 Cumulative LOS (per 30 d)−2.3**−1.8**−2.0**−7.2***−6.4***−8.2***
 Current height percentile; CDC0.100.22***0.11*
  • CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; LOS, length of stay; SaO2, arterial oxygen saturation.

  • * P < .05.

  • ** P < .01.

  • *** P < .001.