Treatment Characteristics

Treatment CharacteristicN (%)MeanMedianSDInterquartile range (25th–75th percentile)
Age at first visit, mo998.57.23.6(6.6–8.2)
Age at last visit, mo9927.629.45.7(23–32)
Interval between visits, mo2966.46.01.4(5.9–6.4)
Age at first open heart, d87a79.819126.8(7–121)
Total no. of open heart operations87a1.610.8(1–2)
Length of hospitalization, d98b66.94374.2(24–76)
CPB time, min86b248.5215153.5(145–308)
DHCA time, min38181217.4(7–20)
Days since last hospital discharge98b488.9528294.3(233–675)
Feeding at first discharge
 All by mouth66/99 (67)
 Supplemental tube feeds33/99 (33)
Feeding at visit
 All by mouth297/395 (75)
 Supplemental tube feeds98/395 (25)
Growth failure at any visit54/99 (54)
Ever in Birth to 3 (B–3)73/99 (74)
Currently in B–3 at visit219/395 (55)
  • DHCA, deep hypothermic circulatory arrest.

  • a 12 subjects never had open heart surgery.

  • b Data on CPB time and hospitalization unavailable on 1 subject who had surgery at another center.