Characteristics of DKA Patients With CVC Placement and Subsequent DVT

Patient 1Patient 2Patient 3
Age (mo)161418
Initial glucose concentration (mg/dL)986776814
Initial serum pH6.857.077.12
Time to CVC placement; site3 hours; left femoral vein2 hours; right femoral vein2 hours; right femoral vein
Venous catheter size5-French (× 8 cm), triple lumen4-French (× 5 cm), double lumen5-French (× 12 cm), triple lumen
Hours CVC in place before symptoms364824
Radiographic confirmation of DVTMagnetic resonance venographyUltrasonographyUltrasonography
TreatmentCVC removed, unfractionated heparin infusion, then LMWH (6 mo)CVC removed, LMWH (3 mo)CVC removed; LMWH (3 mo)
  • LMWH indicates low molecular weight heparin.