Demographic and Clinical Features of Children With VUR Receiving Antibiotic Prophylaxis

NTUH, Co-trimoxazole (N = 96)CGCH
Total (N = 324)Co-trimoxazole (N = 109)Cephalexin (N = 100)Cefaclor (N = 44)Alternative Monotherapy (N = 71)a
Duration of antibiotic prophylaxis, n
    3–6 mo15963939180
    6–12 mo16712324915
    1–2 y23591213826
    2–4 y27672114725
    4–6 y15239824
    >6 y085201
Total duration of prophylactic treatment, mo23178202213524578672743
Gender, n
VUR grade, n
Episodes of breakthrough UTI, n299337221222
Recurrence rate, cases per 100 treatment-mo1.251.131.73c0.901.380.80
  • a Indicates those who received a sequence of different antibiotics.

  • b High-grade VUR (grade >III) was defined as grade IV or V on either one or both sides.

  • c P = .007.