Birth Rates* for Teens, by Age, Race, and Hispanic Origin: United States, Final, Selected Years, 1990–2001 and Preliminary 2002

Age and Race and Hispanic Origin of Mother20022001200019911990% Change 1991–2002
15–19 y
 All races42.945.347.761.859.9−30.6
 White, total39.441.243.252.650.8−25.1
  White, non-Hispanic28.630.332.643.442.5−34.1
 Black, total66.271.877.4114.8112.8−42.3
 Asian or Pacific Islander18.319.820.527.326.4−33.0
 Native American53.856.358.384.181.1−36.0
15–17 y
 All races23.224.726.938.637.5−39.9
 White, total20.521.423.330.629.5−33.0
  White, non-Hispanic13.214.015.823.723.2−44.3
 Black, total39.743.949.083.682.3−52.5
 Asian or Pacific Islander9.010.311.616.116.0−44.1
 American Indian30.731.434.152.248.5−41.2
18–19 y
 All races72.776.−22.7
 White, total68.070.872.383.278.0−18.3
  White, non-Hispanic52.054.857.570.666.6−26.3
 Black, total107.1114.0118.8157.6152.9−32.0
 Asian or Pacific Islander31.532.832.643.040.2−26.7
 Native American89.294.897.1132.9129.3−32.9
  • Race and Hispanic origin are reported separately on birth certificates. People of Hispanic origin may be of any race. In this table, Hispanic women are classified only by place of origin; non-Hispanic women are classified by race. Populations are from the US Census Bureau. Rates for 1991–2001 have been revised using populations based on the 2000 census and may differ from those previously published.17

    Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/NCHS, National Vital Statistics System, natality.

  • * Rates per 1000 women in specified group.

  • In 1991 excludes data for New Hampshire and in 1990 excludes data for New Hampshire and Oklahoma, which did not report Hispanic origin on the birth certificate.