Live Births, Age-Specific Birth Rates*, and Total Fertility Rates by Race and Hispanic Origin of Mother (United States, 2001)

Live BirthsAge-Specific Birth Rate by Age of Mother*Total Fertility Rate
Total4 025 93365.324.776.1106.2113.491.940.68.12034.0
 White3 177 62665.021.470.8103.7117.095.841.38.02040.0
 Black606 15667.643.9114.0133.299.264.831.67.22051.0
 Native American§41 87258.131.494.8115.090.455.924.75.71746.5
 Asian/Pacific Islander200 27964.210.332.859.1106.4112.656.712.31840.0
All Hispanic851 85196.052.8135.5163.5140.497.647.911.62748.5
 Mexican611 000105.759.3147.0177.0146.4101.950.012.62928.5
 Puerto Rican57 56872.2147.293.670.530.76.72165.0
 Cuban14 01756.71792.5
 Central and South American and other169 26682.735.6115.2136.0143.395.450.311.62519.5
Non-Hispanic white2 326 57857.714.054.887.1108.994.339.87.51843.0
  • Race and Hispanic origin are reported separately on birth certificates. People of Hispanic origin may be of any race. In this table, Hispanic women are classified only by place of origin; non-Hispanic women are classified by race. Populations are from the US Census Bureau. Rates by race and for Hispanic and non-Hispanic white women have been revised using populations based on the 2000 census and may differ from rates previously published.17

    Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/NCHS, National Vital Statistics System, natality.

  • * Rates per 1000 women in age-specific group.

  • Sum of age-specific birth rates times 5 divided by 1000 (includes rates for ages 10–14 and 45–49 years, not shown separately).

  • Relates the number of births to women of all ages to women 15 to 44 years.

  • § Includes births to Aleuts and Eskimos.

  • Figure does not meet standards of reliability or precision; based on either <20 births in the numerator or, for the Hispanic subgroups, <75 000 women in the denominator.