Deaths and Death Rates for the Five Leading Causes of Childhood Death in Specified Age Groups in 2001: United States, Final 2000 and 2001

Rank*20012000% Change 2000–2001
Total 1–19 y
 All causesNA25 757100.033.625 955100.033.9−0.9
 Accidents (unintentional injuries) (V01–X59, Y85–Y86)111 19643.514.611 56045.015.1−3.3
 Assault (homicide) (*U01–*U02, X85–Y09,Y87.1)2264010.23.4264110.03.40.0
 Malignant neoplasms (C00–C97)321608.42.821798.02.80.0
 Intentional self-harm (suicide) (*U03, X60–X84, Y87.0)418907.32.519287.02.50.0
 Congenital malformations, deformations, and chromosomal abnormalities (Q00–Q99)511884.61.511194.01.50.0
 Diseases of heart (I00–I09, I11, I13, I20–I51)68443.31.18553.01.10.0
 Influenza and pneumonia (J10–J18)72701.00.42551.00.333.3
 Septicemia (A40–A41)82340.90.32021.00.30.0
 Chronic lower respiratory diseases (J40–J47)92210.90.32761.00.4−25.0
 In situ neoplasms, benign neoplasms, and neoplasms of uncertain or unknown behavior (D00–D48)102100.80.31921.00.30.0
1–4 y
 All causesNA5108100.033.34979100.032.04.1
 Accidents (unintentional injuries) (V01–X59, Y85–Y86)1171433.611.2182636.712.0−6.7
 Congenital malformations, deformations, and chromosomal abnormalities (Q00–Q99)255810.93.64959.93.020.0
 Malignant neoplasms (C00–C97)34208.22.74208.43.0−10.0
 Assault (homicide) (*U01–*U02, X85–Y09, Y87.1)44158.12.73567.22.035.0
 Diseases of heart (I00–I09, I11, I13, I20–I51)52254.41.51813.61.050.0
5–9 y
 All causesNA3092100.015.33253100.015.8−3.2
 Accidents (unintentional injuries) (V01–X59, Y85–Y86)1128341.56.4139142.86.8−5.9
 Malignant neoplasms (C00–C97)249315.92.448915.02.40.0
 Congenital malformations, deformations, and chromosomal abnormalities (Q00–Q99)31815.90.91986.11.0−10.0
 Assault (homicide) (*U01–*U02, X85–Y09, Y87.1)41374.40.71404.30.70.0
 Diseases of heart (I00–I09, I11, I13, I20–I51)5983.20.51063.30.50.0
10–14 y
 All causesNA4002100.019.24160100.020.3−5.4
 Accidents (unintentional injuries) (V01–X59, Y85–Y86)1155338.87.4158838.27.7−3.9
 Malignant neoplasma (C00-C97)251512.92.552512.62.6−3.8
 Intentional self-harm (suicide) (*U03, X60–X84, Y87.0)32726.81.33007.21.5−13.3
 Congenital malformations, deformations, and chromosomal abnormalities (Q00–Q99)41944.80.92014.81.0−10.0
 Assault (homicide) (*U01–*U02, X85–Y09, Y87.1)51894.70.92315.61.1−18.2
15–19 y
 All causesNA13555100.066.913563100.067.0−0.1
 Accidents (unintentional injuries) (V01–X59, Y85–Y86)1664649.032.8675549.833.0−0.6
 Assault (homicide) (*U01–*U02, X85–Y09, Y87.1)2189914.09.4191414.19.04.4
 Intentional self-harm (suicide) (*U03, X60–X84, Y87.0)3161111.97.9162112.08.0−1.3
 Malignant neoplasms (C00–C97)47325.43.67455.54.0−10.0
 Diseases of heart (I00–I09, I11, I13, I20–I51)53472.61.74033.02.0−15.0
  • NA indicates not applicable.

    Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/NCHS, National Vital Statistics System, mortality, 2000–2001.

  • * Rank based on 2001 data. Ranking is shown for 10 leading causes of death for 1- to 19-year-olds and for 5 leading causes of death for specified age groups. For an explanation of ranking procedures, see Technical Appendix in Vital Statistics of the United States, Vol. II, Mortality Part A (published annually).

  • Rate per 100 000 population in specified group.