Outcome Measures for 113 Youths at Baseline and 6-Month Follow-up Assessments, According to Intervention Status

Baseline6-mo Follow-up
Comparison (N = 57)Intervention (N = 56)Comparison (N = 57)Intervention (N = 56)
Outcome behaviors
    Fight injuries in past 30 d, ≥, %46.448.27.85.7
    Fights in past 30 d, ≥, %55.453.733.932.1
    Carried knife in past 30 d, ≥, %19.623.617.923.5
    Misdemeanor score total33.923.223.611.5
    Friend problem behavior score total67.935.752.744.2
    Aggression score total86.092.987.787.5
Outcome scale scores, mean
    Attitudes about interpersonal violence18.317.718.118.1
    Attitudes toward retaliation19.518.019.418.9
    Social competence23.422.823.423.3
    Conflict avoidance self-efficacy34.134.434.236.6
    Child Behavior Checklist aggression subscale, parent report16.615.317.115.1