Description of Abnormalities in 7 Children With SLI and Epileptiform Activity

Patient No.GenderAge, yHandednessExamType of Speech DelayType of EEGFindings
1F3.5RNormalMixedSleepGeneralized paroxysmal tendency early stages of sleep, inactive
2M5AMacrocephalyMixedNo sleepRight centrotemporal moderately active second EEG; multifocal active, enhanced by sleep (Landau-Kleffner variant); telemetry same; treated with valproic acid, EEG improved, no clinical seizures
3M5.5LNormalExpressiveNo sleepLeft anterior temporal inactive; repeat EEG with sleep, active; treated with carbamazepine, EEG normalized, no clinical seizures
4M6RNormalExpressiveSleepInactive generalized paroxysmal during hyperventilation
5M4RNormalUnknownNo sleepLeft centroparietal moderately active; repeat telemetry inactive
6M7RSoft signsMixedNo sleepParoxysmal burst with bilateral epileptiform activity; background mildly abnormal
7M5RNormalMixedNo sleepModerately active generalized with right hemispheric predominance
  • F indicates female; M, male; L, left; R, right; A, ambidextrous.