School Resource Utilization

ASD, %Control, %P
School type<.01
 Public, nonresidential78.162.1
 Private, nonresidential8.818.1
 Residential school3.78.6
 Home school6.62.6
 No school0.76.9
Classroom typea<.01
 General education only50.893.5
 General and special education37.14.4
 Special education only12.11.1
Educational accommodations<.01
 Individualized Education Programb75.77.5
 504 Planc4.44.7
  • a Among those children enrolled in public, private, residential or other schools. Does not include children who are home schooled.

  • b Indicates eligibility for, and use of, special education services in public schools. It contains information regarding the child’s present level of functioning, goals, and services to be provided.

  • c A 504 Plan is a document for children in public schools with physical or mental health disabilities who are not eligible for special education services. It lists special accommodations required by the child so that he or she may participate in the general classroom setting and educational programs.