Summary of Responses From Families Who Were Not Present During CPR (n = 20)

QuestionResponseTotal Responders, n (%)Secondary Responses% and/or Rating on a Scale From 1 to 5
Were you asked to be present for CPR?Yes2 (10)I wasn't in hospital8 (47% not requested)
No17 (85)In hospital, not invited to be present9 (53% not requested)
Don't know1 (5)
Do you wish you could have been present?Yes11 (55)
No9 (45)
Do you think being present would have broughtYes12 (60)Degree of helpMean 4.7
    comfort to your child?No8 (40)
Do you think being present would have helpedYes10 (50)Degree of helpMean 4.6
    you cope with the child's death?No9 (45)
Don't know1 (5)
Do you recommend being present to otherYes10 (50)
    families?No1 (5)
Don't know9 (45)
Name 1 thing that would have been different ifHarder to deal with8 (40)
    you had been presentWould have been easier to adjust7 (35)
Could have comforted child3 (15)
Outcome would be different1 (5)
Don't know1 (5)
Anything the staff could have done to helpBetter updates from staff9 (45)
    during CPR?To be in the room2 (10)
No suggestion5 (25)
Don't know4 (20)
  • Comfort or help scale: 1, no comfort or help; 2, minimal comfort or help; 3, unsure whether it offered comfort or help; 4, moderate comfort or help; and 5, significant comfort or help.