IMR, NMR, PNMR, Perinatal Mortality Rate, and Fetal Mortality Rate by Race of Mother: Final 1980, 1990, 2000, and 2001

2001200019901980% Change 1980–2001
 White, total5.75.77.610.9−47.7
 White non-Hispanic5.75.77.4NANA
 Black, total14.−36.9
 Black/white ratio2.
 White, total3.−48.6
 White non-Hispanic3.83.84.7NANA
 Black, total9.29.411.614.6−37.0
 Black/white ratio2.
 White, total1.−45.7
 White non-Hispanic1.91.92.8NANA
 Black, total4.−36.8
 Black/white ratio2.
Perinatal mortality rate7.09.113.2
 White, total5.97.711.8
 White non-Hispanic6.77.5NA
 Black, total12.716.421.3
 Black/white ratio2.22.11.8
Fetal mortality rate6.67.59.1
 White, total5.66.48.1
 White non-Hispanic5.06.1NA
 Black, total12.413.314.7
 Black/white ratio2.22.11.8
  • NA indicates data not available.

    Infant, fetal, and perinatal deaths are tabulated separately by race and Hispanic origin; people of Hispanic origin may be of any race. IMRs, NMRs, and PNMRs by race from unlinked data may differ slightly from those based on the linked file (Table 6).

    Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics System, natality, mortality (unlinked file), and fetal death files.

  • * Includes races other than white and black; rate per 1000 live births.

  • Data from 36 States and the District of Columbia with >90% completeness of reporting of Hispanic origin data. Includes >80% of the Hispanic population.