Univariate and Multivariate Analyses of Clinician Factors Influencing Reporting

Characteristicn (%)Proportion Reported, %Univariate AnalysisaMultivariate Analysisb
OR (95% CI)POR (95% CI)P
Lost family reported to CPS as patients140 (43)572.0 (1.1–3.9).032.1 (1.1–4.1).03
Did not report all suspected CA in whole career15 (5)133.4 (1.0–11.6).053.6 (1.1–11.8).03
Saw ≥1 case of suspected CA in past year174 (54)702.0 (1.1–3.5).02
  • Analyses were adjusted for case mixture. OR indicates odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.

  • a Reporting model was adjusted for clustering within a practice.

  • b Analysis was adjusted for the number of clinician injury visits and for clustering within a practice.