Characteristics of Clinicians Who Did Not Report a Suspicious Injury to CPS and Clinicians Who Reported a Suspicious Injury to CPS

Clinicians Who Did Not Report Any Child (n = 252)Clinicians Who Reported ≥1 Child (n = 75)P
Demographic characteristics
    Male, %4736.09
    Average age, mean ± SD, y45 ± 946 ± 8.31
    Time since residency, mean ± SD, y14 ± 915 ± 9.47
    Medical doctor or doctor of osteopathy, %8888.97
CA experience
    Career experience, %
        Never seen abuse72
        Did not report all suspected abuse413
        Reported all suspected abuse8885.03
    Any CME in past 5 y, %8888.98
    Saw ≥1 child with injury suggesting CA in past 12 mo, %4970.0015
    Reported patient was protected from further abuse, %6275.05
    Family received intervention and parenting improved, %4858.13
    Because of report to CPS, child thrived in new environment, %4161.002
    Patient or family expressed appreciation that clinician had intervened, %2023.51
    Clinician lost reported family as patients, %3957.007
    Other patients heard about report and left practice, %03.99
    Clinician spent many hours in court testifying, %1833.008
    Clinician was sued for malpractice, %00
  • CME indicates continuing medical education.