Characteristics of 99 Symptomatic Children <5 Years Old Newly Diagnosed With TB in 20 Jurisdictions in the United States in 2005–2006 and Enrolled in Observational Study, by the Child’s Nativity

Symptomatic Participant CharacteristicsAll Cases (N = 99)US Born (N = 83)Foreign Born (N = 16)Risk Ratioa95% CI
n% (n/N)n% (n/N)n% (n/N)
Night sweats
Weight loss
Reason for initially seeking health careb
 Screenings and well-baby examinations181881010630.130.06–0.32
 Contact investigation or known TB exposure24242328164.800.67–34.47
Median days from symptom onset to treatment initiation (IQR)52(23–117)44.5(21–112)115(36–160)0.9990.998–1.000
Median number of physician visits from symptom onset to treatment initiationc (IQR)2(1–3)2(1–2.5)2(1–3)1.0230.951–1.100
  • a Risk ratio estimates the relative risk of US-born children compared with foreign-born children (with asymptotic 95% CIs).

  • b Reasons for initially seeking health care among symptomatic adopted children were post-adoption check-ups (n = 2), well-baby examinations, and symptoms (n = 1).

  • c Number of physician visits required for TB diagnosis for persons reporting symptoms.