Description of the 5 Cases of Anaphylaxis With a Possible Vaccine Link

PatientAgeDiagnosisSymptomsVaccinesTime Interval Between Vaccination and Symptom OnsetTreatmentHistory of Atopy?
17 wkE948.6Petechial lesions, cyanosis, dyspnea, tachycardiaDTP-Hib, hepatitis B, OPV2 hAcetaminophen, chest radiograph, electrocardiogramNo
216 moE949.9Erythema, wheezing, tachycardia, rashMMRWithin 1 hAlbuterol, diphenhydramine elixirYes, asthma and eczema
317 y995.0Facial flushing, shortness of breath, nausea, lightheadedness, numbness in legsDT, MMRWithin 1 hEpinephrine, IM diphenhydramine, IV hydrocortisone, D5W.No
410 mo995.0Swollen lips, rash, wheezingDTP-Hib, OPV hepatitis B2 dEpinephrine, IM dexamethasone, albuterol, hydroxyzine syrupYes, asthma
519 mo995.3Urticaria, pruritis, swollen lips, slight stridorMMR, DTP, OPV, Hib5–10 minEpinephrine, IM diphenhydramineNo
  • IM indicates intramuscular; IV, intravenous.