Number of Diagnoses Reviewed, by ICD-9 Code

ICD-9 CodeNo. of Study Sites That Reviewed This CodeNo. of DiagnosesPostvaccine Days Reviewed*
995.0 (anaphylactic shock)450–2
E948.0–E948.9 (adverse reaction from bacterial vaccines) or E949.0–E949.9 (adverse reaction from other vaccines and biological substances)4890
708.0 (allergic urticaria)120
708.9 (urticaria unspecified)1730
995.1 (angioneurotic edema)130
995.3 (allergy unspecified)14570
695.1 (erythema multiforme)110
995.2 (unspecified adverse effect of drug, medicinal and biologic substance)1270
  • * Day 0 is the day the vaccine was administered