Prevalence of Risk Factors for Children Below Poverty, by Phase of Survey, NHANES III, 1988–1994

Phase I (1988–1991)Phase II (1991–1994)RR95% CIP Value
Child care use17.2%21.9%1.1(.9, 1.4).19
Stuffy, itchy, runny nose past 12 mo56.8%54.0%1.0(.8, 1.1).52
Watery, itchy eyes past 12 mo22.6%30.2%1.2(1.1, 1.3).002
Early breastfeeding termination84.2%82.4%0.9(.7, 1.2).68
Asthma8.4%9.1%1.0(.9, 1.2).64
Access to health care89.2%92.0%1.2(.8, 1.7).36