Prevalence of OM, Early-Onset OM, and Repeated OM, by Phase of Survey, NHANES III, 1988–1994

Phase I (1988–1991)Phase II (1991–1994)UnadjustedAdjusted*
RR95% CIP ValueOR95% CIP Value
OM66.7%69.7%1.0(.97, 1.1).211.1(.99, 1.1).09
Early-onset OM41.1%45.8%1.1(1.01, 1.2).031.1(1.03, 1.2).01
Repeated OM34.8%41.1%1.2(1.04, 1.3).011.2(1.1, 1.4).003
  • * Analyses were adjusted for age, sex, race, poverty status, urban status, region, education of head of household, fireplace use, child care attendance, have allergic symptoms, prenatal smoking, breastfeeding, ever have asthma, and have a particular place for health care.