Proportion of Children Who Have ADHD and Asthma and Have Components of the Medical Home

ParameterADHD, % (n)Asthma, % (n)P
Has personal provider (nurse/doctor)86.2 (4550)89.2 (4804).02
Provider communicates well69.4 (3663)71.8 (3867).05
Has consistent care90.3 (2425)89.9 (2932).75
Has no problem receiving specialty care76.5 (1902)82.4 (1933).01
Has provider follow-up with specialty care51.7 (1272)59.1 (1371).01
Has a medical homea41.1 (2460)45.5 (2766)
  • a To qualify as having a medical home, the child must have had all of the following: (1) a personal doctor or nurse; (2) a personal doctor/nurse who communicates well and spends enough time with them; (3) consistent needed care quickly; (4) the ability to get specialty care or services recommended by personal doctor/nurse; and (5) a personal doctor/nurse who follows up after child gets specialty care or services.