Regression Analysis of LENA Measures at 32- and 36 Weeks and Bayley-III Scores, Adjusted for Birth Weight

LENA Measure/Bayley-IIIbaPModel R2LENA Partial r2
32 weeks, adult word count/h
 Receptive communication, 7 mo0.3.04130.140.14
 Language composite, 18 mo2.0.04040.250.12
 Expressive communication, 18 mo0.5.00810.300.20
36 weeks, adult word count/h
 Cognitive composite, 7 mo1.2.00490.260.26
 Expressive communication, 18 mo0.3.07010.240.10
  • a Unstandardized regression coefficient adjusted for birth weight (units: per 100 adult words/hour).