Demographic Characteristics of 524 Infant Botulism Cases Reported Outside of the United States, 1978–2006

Age at disease onset
    Mean, wk14.3
    Median, wk12.9
    Interquartile range, wk8.9–19.0
    Minimum, wk2
    Maximum, wk52
Gender, n (%)
    Male63 (12.0)
    Female58 (11.0)
    Not reported403 (77.0)
    Total524 (100.0)
History of honey exposure, n (%)
    Yes63 (12.1)
    No43 (8.3)
    Not reported418 (79.6)
    Total524 (100.0)
Toxin type, n (%)
    A437 (83.4)
    Ab1 (0.2)
    A and Ba1 (0.2)
    A and Eb1 (0.2)
    B56 (10.7)
    Bf2 (0.4)
    C1 (0.2)
    Ec5 (0.9)
    F1 (0.2)
    Not determined19 (3.6)
    Total524 (100.0)
Intubated/ventilated, n (%)
    Yes61 (11.6)
    No30 (5.7)
    Not reported433 (82.7)
    Total524 (100.0)
Length of hospital stayd
    Mean, wk7.3
    Median, wk4.8
    Minimum, wk0.4
    Maximum, wk36.6
Died, n (%)
    Yese6 (1.1)
    No518 (98.9)
    Total524 (100.0)
  • aC. botulinum type A and type B were isolated from faecal samples from the infant.”25

  • b “A strain of C. botulinum producing toxin type A and E was identified in stool initially. Further identification of the toxin was not possible.”38

  • c Neurotoxigenic C butyricum type E was isolated.

  • d Excludes length of stay for the patients who died while in the hospital.

  • e Deaths reported in Argentina85 (n = 5) and the Netherlands59 (n = 1); excludes cases of SIDS in which C botulinum was identified.3,4,811