Reported Infant Botulism Cases According to Continent and Country, 1976–2006

LocationTime PeriodTotal No. of Infant Botulism CasesType A, nType B, nOther Type(s), nToxin Type Not Reported or Not Determined
Global total, excluding the United States1976–2006524437561219
        New South Wales7
        South Australia9
        Northern Territory1
    Czech Republic37197910100
    United Kingdom66701978–20015221i0
Middle East
North America
            British Columbia1985–19973
            New Brunswick20061
        Baja California200111000
    United States, all states, except Rhode Island1976–200624191079131028j2a
South America
  • — indicates that the distribution of toxin types by state/province was not available.

  • a C botulinum toxin or organisms were identified in feces by polyvalent antitoxin, but the individual toxin type was not reported.

  • b One neurotoxigenic C butyricum type E, 1 type C.

  • cC. botulinum type A and type B were isolated from faecal samples from the infant.”25

  • d “A strain of C. botulinum producing toxin type A and E was identified in stool initially. Further identification of the toxin was not possible.”38

  • e Toxin type was confirmed by polyvalent antitoxin but not typed by monovalent antitoxins.

  • f One type B case was reported to have the characteristics of an “AB” type.42

  • g Neurotoxigenic C baratii type F.

  • h Four neurotoxigenic C butyricum type E, 1 type Ab.

  • i Type Bf.

  • j One type A and B (most likely a Ba or Ab from today's perspective), 14 type Ba, 4 type Bf, 1 type E, and 8 type F cases, in 6 of which C baratii was isolated.