BMD Annual Growth (g/cm2 per year) by Gender, Tanner Stage, and BMI-for-Age Percentiles

ParameterBMI-for-Age PercentilesTotalPb
Quartile 1Quartile 2Quartile 3Quartile 4
RateaNo. of VisitsRateaNo. of VisitsRateaNo. of VisitsRateaNo. of VisitsRateaNo. of Visits
    Tanner stage
    Tanner stage
  • a Rate (median) = (BMD at current visit − BMD at previous visit)/years since last visit; Tanner stage (determined by genital stage for boys and breast stage for girls) and BMI-for-age percentile determined at current visit.

  • b Obtained from simple linear regression of the ranks of BMD rate on quartile of BMI-for-age percentile accounting for correlation of repeated measurements on same individual; P value for the test of the interaction of Tanner stage and quartile of BMI-for-age percentile on BMD annual growth was .07 for boys and .04 for girls.