Staff Wages Used for Care-Coordination Cost Calculations

Staff TypeBLS CodeBLS Description of Staff PositionMean Hourly Wage, $
MD29–1065Pediatricians, general: physician office71.47
NP29–1071Physician assistants: physician office30.50
RN29–1111RNs: physician office23.66
LPN29–2061Licensed practical nurses: physician office14.44
Clerical43–6013Medical secretaries: physician office12.73
MA31–9092Medical assistants: physician office12.02
SW21–1022Medical social workers18.71
PA (“medical home plus resource director” or “parent advocate”)27.50
  • Approval was received from the University of Massachusetts Medical School Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research. Each site also met institutional review board approval requirements. A site liaison was identified to facilitate communication with the central project coordinator and data coordinator in order to schedule weekly phone calls with office staff and to review CCMT forms for completeness. MD indicates physician; NP, nurse practitioner; LPN, licensed practical nurse; MA, medical assistant; SW, social worker; PA, parent advocate.