The Chicago Infant Mortality Study, 1993-1996: ORs and Population Attributable Risks for Risk Factors in the Sleep Environment*

Risk FactorOR (95% CI)No. of CasesPAR (%)
Pacifier use
 No2.9 (1.4–6.0)22156
Soft sleep surface
 Yes5.2 (2.6–10.2)12739
Maternal smoking in pregnancy
 Yes4.3 (2.1–8.9)12537
Prone sleep position
 Yes2.3 (1.3–4.3)14933
Pillow use
 Yes2.8 (1.3–6.2)6817
Bed sharing
 Yes, with mother or mother and father1.4 (0.7–2.8)70
 Yes, in other combinations3.6 (1.4–9.4)6117
All risk factors93
  • PAR indicates population attributable risk.

  • * N = 260 matched pairs. Risk factors are for last sleep.

  • Adjusted for maternal age, marital status, education, index of prenatal care, and other variables in the model.