Discharge Diagnoses of Patients With an ALTE

Diagnosisn (%)
GERD190 (40.00)
Apnea79 (17.00)
ALTE42 (8.90)
Bronchiolitis28 (5.90)
Convulsion28 (5.90)
Cyanosis20 (4.30)
Spell14 (3.00)
Seizure14 (3.00)
Choking7 (1.50)
Infectiona6 (1.30)
Periodic breathing5 (1.10)
Abnormal movement4 (0.85)
Hypocalcemia4 (0.85)
Not listed4 (0.85)
All other categories (each <0.85%)b26 (5.50)
  • The total number of patients was 471.

  • a Includes 1 case each of bacterial meningitis, pertussis, sepsis, urinary tract infection, respiratory syncytial virus, and viral infection.

  • b Includes ≤3 cases each of basal ganglia hemorrhage, benign infantile torticollis, breath-holding spell, cardiac dysrhythmia, dyspnea, hypotonic episode, hypoxia, lethargy, malaise, medication reaction, myoclonus, normal neonatal movements, nonaccidental trauma, pyloric stenosis, respiratory problem, sleep myoclonus, and syncope.