Organizational Dimensions and Sources for Scales

Organizational DimensionItemsDefinitionSource
Coordination16How work gets coordinated in the NICUVan de Ven and Ferry15
Staff coordination15How information and job responsibilities are carried out on the unitVan de Ven and Ferry15
Teamwork and leadership: nursing, physician and general3 groups of questions, 20 in totalPerceptions of the nature of leadership and its problem-solving styleShortell et al16
Managing disagreements: between nurses, between physicians, and between nurses and physicians3 groups of questions, 18 in totalHow conflict between staff is approached on the unitFiley17 adapted by Shortell et al16
About your work12Question about how staff approach their job: how much control and input staff have; to what extent is the organization focused on improvementBaker et al18
Unit culture4Identify the style of the unit in terms of its character, its managers, unit cohesion, and unit emphasisQuinn and Spreitzer19
Medical and nursing director authority2 groups of questions, 10 in totalThe degree to which medical directors and nursing managers have sufficient authority for various activitiesShortell et al16