Comparison of Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity

ParameterReproductive ToxicityDevelopmental Toxicity
DefinitionBiologically adverse effects on the reproductive systems of females or males that may result from exposure to environmental agents; may be expressed as alterations to the female or male reproductive organs, the related endocrine system, or pregnancy outcomes134Adverse effects on the developing organism that may result from exposure before conception (to either parent), during prenatal development, or postnatally to the time of sexual maturation; may be detected at any point in the life span of the organism114
ManifestationsAdverse effects on onset of puberty, gamete production and transport, reproductive cycle normality, sexual behavior, fertility, gestation, parturition, lactation, developmental toxicity, premature reproductive senescence, or modifications in other functions that depend on the integrity of the reproductive systems134Death, structural abnormalities, altered growth, functional deficits, or cancer114,143,145