Prevalence of Obesity (BMI >95th Percentile) Among Girls and Boys in the NHANES III Who Were Early Maturers Versus Average and Late Maturers (Others)

ParameterGirls, %Boys, %
Early MaturersaOthersEarly MaturersaOthers
Children (aged 8 to 11)148814
Adolescents (aged 12 to 14)178817
  • a A boy or girl was classified as an early maturer when he or she reached a certain stage of sexual maturation earlier than the median age for that stage in the population. For example, a girl with Tanner 2 breast development was early when her chronological age was less than the median for breast stage 2.

  • Adapted from Wang Y. Pediatrics. 2002;110(5):903–910.