Panel Conclusions About Evidenceof SecularTrends in the Timing of Puberty for 1940-1994 Data

MarkerSufficient Data: Yes TrendInsufficient
Sufficient Data: No Trend
Girls' BD onset (B2)+ ++
Girls' BD progression (B3-B5)++ +
Girls' PH onset (PH2)++ +
Girls' PH progression (PH3-PH5)+++
Girls' menarche+++
Boys' GD onset (G2)+++
Boys' GD progression (G3-G5)+++
Boys' PH onset (PH2)++ +
Boys' PH progression (PH3-PH5)++ +
  • BD indicates breast development; —, no one's opinion; + , minority opinion; + +, majority opinion; + + +, unanimous opinion.