Patient Safety Indicator Algorithms

GroupICD-9-CM CodesDX/PR fieldsInclusion CriteriaExclusion Criteria
Procedure for suture of lacerationSuture of laceration of:2° PRSurg, elective, and livebornsT; FB
2951-pharynx 4675-large intestine
3161-larynx 4871-rectum
3341-bronchus 4971-anus
3343-lung 5061-liver
3482-diaphragm 5191-gall bladder
4282-esophagus 5581-kidney
4461-stomach 5682-ureter
4671-duodenum 5781-bladder
4673-small intestine 5841-urethra
Perforation diagnosis5304-perforation of esophagus2° DXSurg, elective, and livebornsT; FB; CA
5754-perforation of gall bladder
5763-perforation of bile duct
56983-perforation of intestine
Postoperative infection99851, 99859-postoperative infection2° DXSurg, elective, and livebornsT; IC
Transfusion reaction9996-ABO incompatibility reactionAny DXMed, surg, and livebornsT
9997-Rh incompatibility reaction
9998-other transfusion reaction
Foreign body left during procedure9984-foreign body accidentally left during a procedureAny DXMed, surg, and liveborns
9987-acute reaction to foreign substance accidentally left during a procedure
Infection attributed to procedure9993-other infection after infusion, injection, transfusion, vaccinationAny DXMed, surg, and livebornsT
Iatrogenic conditions41511-iatrogenic pulmonary embolism and infarctionAny DXMed, surg, and livebornsT
4582-iatrogenic hypotension
5121-iatrogenic pneumothorax
Wound disruption5461-reclosure of postoperative disruption of abdominal woundAny PRMed, surg, and livebornsT; IC
9983-postoperative wound disruptionAny DXMed, surg, and livebornsT; IC
Miscellaneous misadventures9954-shock attributed to anesthesiaAny DXMed, surg, and livebornsT
9980-postoperative shock attributed to procedure
9982-accidental puncture or laceration during a procedure
9991-air embolism attributed to procedure
Obstetrical misadventurescomplications of anesthesia in labor/delivery: (66800-4 pulmonary; 66810-4 cardiac; 66820-4 CNS; 66880-4 other; 66890-4 unspecified)Any DXOBT
66910-66914-shock during/following labor/delivery
66930, 66932, 66934-acute renal failure postpartum
66940-4-other complication OB surgical procedure
67410, 67412, 67414-disruption cesarean-section wound
Birth trauma7670-birth trauma, subdural or cerebral hemorrhageAny DXLivebornsT
7673-birth trauma, injury to skeleton (long bones and skull, excluding clavicle)
7674-birth trauma, injury to spine
7676-birth trauma, injury to brachial plexus
7677-birth trauma, injury to other cranial/peripheral nerves (excludes facial)
7678-birth trauma, other specified birth trauma
7679-birth trauma, unspecified
E-codesE8700-E8709-accidental cut, puncture, or hemorrhage during medical careAny DXMed, surg, and liveborns
E8710-E8719-foreign body left in body during procedure
E8720-E8729-failure of sterile precautions during procedure
E8740-E8749-mechanical failure of instrument or apparatus during procedure
E8750-E8759-contaminated or infected blood, other fluid, drug, or biological substance
E8760-E8769-other and unspecified misadventures during medical care
E8730-E8739-failure in dosage
  • DX indicates diagnosis; PR, procedure; 2°, only secondary, not primary, Dx or PR fields; surg, surgical patients; elective, elective admissions only for surgical patients; med, medical patients; OB, obstetrical patients; liveborns, liveborn infants; T, trauma; FB, foreign body; IC, immunocompromised; CA, cancer.