Correlation Coefficients for Associations of Bone-Density Measures With Nutritional Markers, Body-Composition Parameters, and Bone Age for All Subjects and for Athletes With Amenorrhea

Correlation Coefficient
Bone AgeLean MassBMI z ScoreIGF-I Level
All subjects
    Lumbar BMD0.40a0.45b0.46b0.15
    Lumbar BMD z score0.050.38a0.37a0.23c
    Lumbar BMAD0.37a0.170.42b0.25c
    Lumbar BMAD z score0.25c0.130.46b0.28d
    Hip BMD0.110.46b0.30d0.13
    Hip BMD z score0.110.45b0.26d0.08
    WB BMD0.40a0.49e0.27d0.07
    WB BMD z score0.160.45b0.170.11
    WB BMC/height0.39a0.60e0.39a0.08
    WB BMC/height z score0.070.50e0.26d0.02
    PINP level−0.82e−0.16−0.110.30d
    N-telopeptide level−0.69e−0.020.03−0.02
Athletes with amenorrhea
    Lumbar BMD0.55d0.62a0.060.39c
    Lumbar BMD z score0.180.40c0.080.40c
    Lumbar BMAD0.400.40c0.190.51d
    Lumbar BMAD z score0.
    Hip BMD0.310.45d−0.37c0.35
    Hip BMD z score0.080.33−0.43d0.36
    WB BMD0.65d0.60a−0.120.25
    WB BMD Z−score0.360.42c−0.150.27
    WB BMC/height0.64d0.64a0.020.30
    WB BMC/height z score0.110.42c−0.040.25
    PINP level−0.84b−0.46d0.090.17
    N-telopeptide level−0.64d−0.57a−0.20−0.31