Guidelines for KI Administration*9,24

PatientExposure, Gy (rad)KI Dose (mg)
>40 y of age>5 (500)130
18 through 40 y of age≥0.1 (10)130
Adolescents 12 through 17 y of age≥0.05 (5)65
Children 4 through 11 y of age≥0.05 (5)65
Children 1 mo through 3 y of age≥0.05 (5)32
Birth through 1 mo of age≥0.05 (5)16
Pregnant or lactating women≥0.05 (5)130
  • * KI is useful for exposure to a radioiodine only. KI is given once only to pregnant women and neonates unless other protective measures (evacuation, sheltering and control of the food supply) are unavailable.

    Repeat dosing should be on the advice of public health authorities.

  • Adolescents weighing more than 70 kg should receive the adult dose (130 mg).

  • KI from tablets or as a freshly saturated solution may be diluted in water and mixed with milk, formula, juice, soda, or syrup. Raspberry syrup disguises the taste of KI the best. KI mixed with low-fat chocolate milk, orange juice, or flat soda (eg, cola) have an acceptable taste. Low-fat white milk and water did not hide the salty taste of KI.