Regression Analysis Predicting Grade 12 and Age 23 Problem Behavior Indices From Grade 7 Drinking Status, Adjusting and Not Adjusting for Grade 7 Demographic and Problem Behavior Variables

Grade 7 VariablesProblem Behaviors
Grade 12Age 23
Experimenters (vs Nondrinkers)1.43*.82*1.25*.67*
Drinkers (vs Nondrinkers)3.31*1.39*2.79*1.27*
Model R2.
  • * P < .001.

    Unstandardized regression coefficients are reported. Adjusted models control for grade 7 gender, race/ethnicity, age, parental education, family structure, behavioral problems in school, school absences, poor grades, number of grades repeated, frequency of smoking and marijuana use, any hard drug use, and stealing.