Weighted Percentages of Grade 7 Nondrinkers, Experimenters, and Drinkers Exhibiting Problem Behaviors at Grade 12

Problem Behaviors at Grade 12Grade 7 Drinking Status
Nondrinkers Sample n* = 1059Experimenters 1964Drinkers 1242
Substance use
 Weekly smoking09.2a18.4b33.0c
 Daily smoking07.0a14.0b27.0c
 Weekly alcohol use06.1a09.8b16.7c
 Binge drinking22.4a35.6b54.9c
 Alcohol abuse09.4a17.7b24.5c
 Multiple alcohol problems22.2a40.2b53.6c
 Weekly marijuana use02.8a05.5b14.2c
 Hard drug use17.9a33.0b57.0c
 Polydrug use14.2a26.6b45.8c
 Multiple drug problems04.2a08.6b15.4c
Academic problems
 Skipped class44.7a58.0b61.7b
 Poor grades20.5a26.5b31.6c
 Repeated grade18.6a18.9a24.0b
 Dropped out14.3a17.6a26.7b
Other problem behaviors
 Drug selling04.4a07.5b14.8c
 Predatory violence17.4a21.7b30.8c
 Relational violence43.9a51.5b55.7c
 Felonious behavior12.9a19.8b27.3c
 Early parenthood05.2a05.6a08.4b
 Early pregnancy (females only)13.1a17.9a28.1b
  • * Unweighted sample sizes.

  • a,b,c Percentages in the same row that do not share the same superscript differ at P < .05.