DUH 7-Point Severity Scoring System

ScoreSeverity Definitions
0Caught before reached patient, but a system failure occurred
1Reached patient, but there were no patient effects or consequences to medication use system; single dose or infusion problem <4 h
2Reached patient, there were no detectable patient effects, but change(s) occurred in medication schedule dosing, duration, or monitoring; multiple doses or infusion problem >4 h
3Transient adverse patient effects occurred that required some corrective therapy, increased length of stay by 1 to 2 d, or resulted in laboratory values, vital signs, or medication effects outside desirable parameters
4Significant adverse patient effects occurred that required aggressive intervention, such as code, intubation, transfer to ICU, interventional drug therapy, or increased length of stay >2 d
5Permanent adverse patient effects occurred, such as paralysis, brain damage, disability or loss of limb, organ, or bodily function
6Patient death