Percentages of Grade 7 Nondrinkers, Experimenters, and Drinkers Exhibiting Problem Behaviors at Grade 7

Problem Behaviors at Grade 7Grade 7 Drinking Status
Nondrinkers Sample n* = 1487Experimenters 2884Drinkers 1967
Substance use
 Weekly smoking00.6a02.2b11.2c
 Weekly marijuana use00.3a00.2a04.1b
 Hard drug use00.7a01.7b13.1c
Academic problems
 Behavioral problems12.4a20.8b41.4c
 Frequently absent19.9a25.7b38.1c
 Poor grades23.9a28.1b39.3c
 Repeated grade15.0a12.8a14.8a
Other problem behaviors
  • * Unweighted sample sizes.

  • Defined as being sent out of class or skipping class.

  • a,b,c Percentages in the same row that do not share the same superscript differ at P < .05.