Reported TB Cases in Children <5 Years Old by Study Site, Nativity, and Enrollment Period, 2005–2006a

Enrollment SiteJurisdictionsAll ChildrenForeign BornUS BornYears Enrolling
Arkansas Department of HealthState of Arkansas3121.4
University of Alabama, BirminghamState of Alabama122101.4
California Department of Health Services and University of California, San FranciscoAlameda, Orange, San Diego, Santa Clara, and San Francisco counties303271.9
Denver Public Health and Hospitals AuthoritySix counties in the Denver metropolitan area4221.5
Broward County Department of HealthBroward County, Florida4041.5
Emory UniversityTwenty counties in the Atlanta metropolitan area234191.4
Hawaii Department of HealthState of Hawaii1011.9
American Lung Association of Metropolitan ChicagoFour counties in the Chicago metropolitan area171432.0
Maryland Department of Health and Mental HygieneState of Maryland133101.6
Massachusetts Department of Public HealthState of Massachusetts121111.6
Minnesota Department of HealthState of Minnesota12481.4
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New JerseyState of New Jersey171161.3
New York City Department of Health /Charles P. Felton National TB Center at HarlemNew York City (NYC)376311.3
New York State Department of Health, Health Research IncState of New York excluding New York City152131.7
RTI InternationalState of North Carolina213181.3
Tennessee Department of HealthState of Tennessee244201.7
Texas Department of State Health Services and University of North Texas Health Science CenterState of Texas115101052.1
Seattle-King County Department of Public HealthKing County, WA4131.4
  • a Case numbers reflect total case counts for children <5 years old in the given jurisdiction during that study site’s specific 2005 and 2006 enrollment period, not the entire 2 calendar years.