Final Trigger List Used in the Inpatient Pediatrics ADE Trigger Tool Study

T1Diphenhydramine use
T2Vitamin K use
T3Flumazenil use
T4Antiemetic usea
T5Naloxone use
T7Sodium polystyrene use
T10PTT >100 s
T16Rising serum creatinineb
T23Abrupt medication stop
T25Serum glucose >150 mg/dL
T27Called codes
T28Laxative or stool softener use
  • Detailed definitions of these triggers, as well as associated adverse drug events, are available at Triggers T1 to T23 are from the IHI adult-focused trigger tool. Triggers T25 to T28 were added on the basis of phase 1 test findings. PTT indicates partial thromboplastin time.

  • a Antiemetics, laxatives, and stool softeners were specified according to each hospital's formulary.

  • b Rising serum creatinine was defined as a serum creatinine that becomes elevated relative to age-specific normal values or as an increase in serum creatinine of ≥0.4 mg/dL.

  • c Hyperkalemia was defined according to each hospital's range of reference values.