Policy Statements Endorsed by the APSA

• APSA supports addressing firearms-related injury and death as a public health problem with the necessary attendant resources to succeed.
• APSA supports efforts to improve the availability and quality of mental health services for both children and adults.
• APSA supports a system of universal background checks for all firearms transactions including private sales.
• APSA recommends removal of language limiting the funding of firearms-related research necessary to address this public health problem as well as support to extend the NVDRS to all states and territories.
• APSA supports limitations on access to high-capacity magazines and assault-style weaponry.
• APSA supports all efforts to limit access by children to firearms including the use of gunlocks and safe storage techniques.
• APSA supports legislative efforts, such as CAP laws, to limit the access to firearms by children.
• APSA recommends removal or clarification of language in the Affordable Care Act limiting discussion regarding the presence of firearms in homes with children. APSA opposes, in the strongest possible terms, state-level legislation infringing upon the physician-patient relationship.
  • Reprinted with permission from reference 4. CAP, Child Access Prevention; NVDRS, National Violent Death Review System.